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The Spice Is Always Right With YesChilli

YesChilli Pepper and Ginger sauce.

Meet the “gadget sauce”, a vibrant, versatile and flavoursome savoury hot sauce with added value. It moves between your dining table and the kitchen, limited only by your culinary imagination.

Create quick tasty meals. Transform an ordinary dish into something special.

YesChilli is made from sun dried, pan roasted dark and red peppers and ginger in oil. It is fragrant rich, full of flavour and contains no added preservatives or additives.

The oil retains and enhances the natural flavour and fragrance of the peppers and ginger so that these reach you in the purest form.

The product will naturally settle in the bottle so please shake gently in a rocking motion, with the cap on, to release and circulate the ingredients.

YesChilli Pepper and Ginger sauce is a little taste of home in a bottle, it comes attractively packaged and is very portable. In addition to its home uses, YesChilli makes a great gift or souvenir for family and friends; and can be taken on pilgrimage or foreign trips for that taste of home when you are abroad.

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